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Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have become a very important tool for any businesses. Most people like to use their mobiles or tablets for any searches as having all the information at the fingertips can prove to be extremely handy. As result a well designed and smooth functioning mobile application plays a very important role in not only retaining your existing customers but also in bringing in new customers to the company. With fleeting attention span and numerous alternate options, a bad mobile application means that the customer might not give you a second chance. Hence, in this day and age, a good mobile application for your company can help you serve your customers better as well as a build a better brand. This is where Basic Mantra plays a key role in helping you develop a mobile application which can increase the visibility of your company, connect with your customers and increase customer loyalty for your business.

Our six step process penetrates every aspects important for Mobile App development.

6 step process for Mobile App Development

Native Mobile Apps

The native mobile apps has played a key role in the success of many independent business owners. It has many advantages over the other traditional mobile web applications. Although these are costlier than the other options yet, many believe that it is worth the extra investment. One of the biggest draws of native mobile applications is its hardware compatibility. Basic Mantra excels in building native mobile app for your business which can support any complex hardware specification of various devices like Mobiles, Tablets and Phablets. This will enable your company’s app too function in a flawless manner. We also ensure that you get higher security and fast speed on the application.

Web Apps

Web based applications are those applications which uses a website as its interface. If you opt for the development of this type of application with us then we will build an app which will be accessible anywhere, with attractive and easy to navigate interface. This type of application will make global teams, real time collaboration and home working a reality. Basic Matra builds applications which are very easy to customize with improved interoperability.

Android and iOS Development

These are the two of the most common platforms at this moment. Most people these days use mobile phones which run on these platforms. Hence, it is a good idea to build apps which can run seamlessly on these two platforms in particular to allow a bigger number of customers to use your app. Basic Mantra has expert developers who have special expertise in building smooth running applications specifically for Android and iOS platforms.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

These types of mobile applications have become extremely popular among the companies. At Basic Mantra we can help you to create applications which can function smoothly on multiple platforms while giving the customers excellent user experience. This is done by our expert developers who use web technologies to target different mobile platforms from a single code base instead of writing the native codes for each individual platform. This can help your business cut some time and money as it is cost effective and also can be built in a shorter period of time when compared to the other types.

Micro Apps

These are the most consumer oriented apps out of all the options for you business. We can build apps like these which can deliver high target functionality. This will help your customers to get the maximum efficiency while also allowing heavy interaction in the app. We create apps for which the user experience in such apps is top notch which can help you impress and increase your customer base.

Clean Coding Structure

At basic Mantra we focus on a clean coding structure. This helps to create a solid base for your websites and applications. You can reap the benefits of clean code structures in future and the maintenance becomes much easier with clean coding structures. In addition to that it is also beneficial as it is easier to understand and spot bugs with it.

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