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App Marketing

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Mobile App Marketing

Software companies all around the world are investing heavily in mobile app marketing. The primary reason for such a trend is that heavy competition in the market and the potential of the various apps to make an impact in their business. However, the reality is that only a handful of mobile applications have a unique idea or a revolutionary concept to become popular in the market. Yet, they become more successful than some of the other more useful applications. This is because these apps are able to stand out of the crowd of other mobile applications through their marketing strategy.

We, at Basic Mantra, can help you build a strategy for your mobile application which will ensure that it outshines its competitors. Our startegies incorporates all the steps necessary to ensure every mobile have your app installed and becomes the go-to app they come rely on. With the following steps Basic Mantra will help your mobile app to become the go-to app for any user.

We Shape Your App With
Best Marketing Strategy

Mobile apps are evolving everyday and more and more apps are emerging. Your business strategy is almost incomplete without having an app. However, with the growing number of apps, the competition for the user's attention is cut throat. An effective app marketing strategy has to consider several factors. Basic Matra brings to your business years of experience in the field and our experts consider your business against all these factors to device the most potent marketing strategy to ensure that your app is installed and used on every phone.

User Acquisition Management

Our services do not just end at developing a great app for your business. We provide hollistic services which will see you through your initial mobile app marketing process including user acquisition management. We take care of your business so together we chalk down your target audience and design marketing strategies so that they translate into acquiring the user by having them install the app. This is a crucial step of your app marketing tasks. We pay attention to both paid campaigns and organic campaigns to bring more users for user app.

What sets Basic Mantra apart from a regular marketing team is the expertise and the experience our team brings to your company. We have spent over a decade in researching and serving clients make the most of this diabolical marketing tactic for mobile apps. Our intuitive and creative advertisements capture your user's imagination and pique their interest while it also provides value to your customer. We look after all aspects of mobile app marketing making sure you can optimize this platform. Trust us, we will have your back and design marketing strategies specific to your business in order to draw in app installation.

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