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E-commerce Development

E-commerce websites have revolutionized what was known as market place. Almost everything one needs is now available online. This is a great option for small and medium sized business to carry out their business from an e-commerce website. This has also led to increase in competitors. Basic Mantra provides an all round service when it comes to developing your e-commerce website so that you can get an edge over your competitors. We take care of all your needs ranging from web designing, plug ins, the whole shebang to get your business started and then to keep it afloat. With our e-commerce development solutions own a kick ass websites and draw the right traffic to the site to be converted into sales. With experience we have formulated the following steps to ensure we develop an efficacious e-commerce website for you.

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At Basic Mantra, we pride ourselves for the personalized services we provide. We do not believe in falling in the rut of mechanical routine for every client and we provide customized service when it comes to e-commerce development. We value your company and understand that you can have unique requirements to ensure that the website is a success.. PHP, .NET, ASP and ASPX - whatever works for you, we will develop your app on that domain and ensure your website gets a facelift.

Open Source Development

While Magento and Shopify are most popular open source platforms in the market today, there are still many other open source platforms that online merchants can benefit from. Basic Mantra provides expertise over open source developers like Word press, Zoomla and Drupal what will simply your business and rope in more moolah. Every website has its unique objectives and goals. We make a decision based on your objectives and opinion which method to adopt while developing a website for you. We do not limit your options and be ready to serve you as per your requirement. With Basic Mantra our aim is support you with all the options so you can choose what meets your needs the best. Request for quotation to check out the options that are on offer.

We have more than decades of experience in the field of developing e-commerce websites. We have been successfully helping online merchants to achieve their objectives and generate profits. An attractive website is not enough to grow your company, it has to aesthetic and the interface has to be user friendly and easy for the user to return to the same website. We have worked with various diversified companies to build up a portfolio that is wide in its range. Our team of expert is ready to elevate your e-commerce experience, no matter what you throw at them.

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