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Responsive Website Design

Responsive website design is a critical aspect of the present day web design concepts. In today’s world it has become extremely important to not only create a website which runs smoothly on desktops and PCs, but it is equally, if not more, important to have a website which runs seamlessly on the various mobile platforms. There are many factors which come into play when designing websites for mobiles and desktops. The biggest of them is of course the click versus touch debate. There are also other aspects involved like the support for Adobe’s flash technology, pixel resolution, screen size etc. At Basic Mantra we not only help you to build a website which is suitable for both but we also familiarize you with all the finer details of the website designing which helps you to make a more reasoned decision.

Importance of Responsive Website Design

Why we need Only Responsive website

One of the biggest reasons to opt for responsive website is that it is recommended by market leaders Google. As Google enjoys a lion’s share of the search market, whatever, Google recommends it is instantly followed by search marketers. Google has not only recommended it but it has gone to the extent of saying that it is the best practice. Another very important reason why responsive web design is an excellent idea is that it gives great user experience across screen sizes and devices. This goes a long way to satisfying the users while also bringing in the new clients. The experts at Basic Mantra know all the benefits of responsive websites and have mastered the techniques to gain maximum from the same.

How Responsive design help to increase revenue

Recently Google had conducted a research and it revealed that over the last few years the number of people making purchases with mobile phones is much higher than on other devices. In the same study, it was also mentioned that those websites which have a difficult to navigate website have significantly less traffic than those websites which are easy to navigate. Hence these things directly impact the sales of the company. A mobile website which has great usability, visual appeal and over all good user experience has the potential to tremendously boost the conversion rate. Here at Basic Mantra we have the experience and the expertise to deliver a seamlessly functioning mobile website which can grab and keep the attention of the user.

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