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Stay ahead and engage with your target audience through strategic social media campaigns, Leads and drives conversations.Reach out to your influencers

  • Research based Posts
  • Viral Posts
  • Higher Conversation rate
  • Local & International language posts
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Make Business Relationships

Social Media Optimization

Let's break the internet - with our strategic social media optimization, your brand will become the talk of the town!
• Form Brand Identity
• Increase Brand Awareness
• Get a Global Market to Sell

Social media is where all the action is and that is precisely why social media optimization (SMO) is so very important for your business to make a mark. Social media is a rage among youngsters and have become increasingly popular amongst all ages. Hence, with our dynamic SMO campaigns backed with solid data, your business will maximize its reach amongst the target audience. We will ensure that your presence is strongly felt through RSS feeds, social news, blogging sites, bookmarking sites, video, and social media sites.

With Basic Mantra's effective Social Media Optimization campaigns, your business will strike up conversations and be in the limelight. Our Six Step SMO campaigns are designed to take the social media on its head by making viral content. It not only results in more traffic to your site but also helps in your search engine ranking and helps create leads.

Highlight your brand with Effective Social Media Optimization

Research Based Posts

Basic Mantra conducts thorough research to identify your target audience. Our strategic research into data helps us to zero in on which age group, which geographical location, and at what time finds your business appealing and are ready to buy into your product or service. This makes our campaigns goal oriented. Once we have identified the target audience, we design our campaign that captivates the attention of your audience, thereby, creating a lasting impact. We want your business to be visible to niche audience so that your brand's name is the first on their mind when they are looking to buy in to it.

Social media optimization relies on the target audience to spread the word across, about your presence. It's taking word of mouth to a next level. We ensure engaging and exciting content that will not only captivate their own interest but will inspire them to share it across various social media platforms to ensure that it infiltrates further and becomes more visible. We coordinate with the right influencers whose follower base ensures that your brand gets visible and attractive. Our contents are designed to be capture the minds at once leading to viral status which is literally everywhere and your brand develops its own identity.

Higher Conversion Rate

There are two ways how our strategic SMO campaigns help to enhance conversion rate for you. We put scrupulous effort into brining just the right kind of traffic to your site who are interested in the product or service you are offering and are ready to invest not just their time but also their money. Moreover, with our viral content, we make your brand the talk of the town, creating a need for the service or product. With Basic Mantra, you no longer have to reach out to your client base but client base will reach out to you with the interest. Social media marketing is cut throat and with our up to date, fresh content you will never fall behind in the race.

Increase Brand Awareness

Your brand identity and awareness is enhanced with our campaigns across avenues. Being visible gets your company recognition and a name that everyone can relate to. Being on social news is guaranteed with our tailored campaigns.

Local & International Language Posts

Basic Matra focuses on niche client base and we customize our campaigns to reach out to all kinds of audiences. Deeper reach means more awareness and we will leave no stones unturned to optimize every demographics. Hence, we create content for you in different languages. This gives a personal touch to the campaigns and ensures you are visible to all kinds of audiences no matter what their preferred language is. Our posts on social media are generated in both local and international languages to ensure that your barnd's awareness is omnipresent.

Make Business Relationship

Our vigorous campaigns incorporate influencers, other sites, bookmarking sites. We create formidable allegiances for you where you penetrate different avenues via other business. Make business relationships to enhance your awareness and profitability.

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