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Let paid search engine advertising drive traffic to your website. Pay for relevant clicks and traffic- customized by geography, timeframe, keywords and more.Drive traffic to your site when your products or services are searched for by potential customers

  • Best ROI
  • Multiple Style of Campaign
  • Search Engine Paid Campaign
  • Research and data oriented Campaign
  • Best Reporting and Analytic
  • Customized Campaign Strategy

Pay Per Click

Invest in effective Paid Search to enhance your RoI - We give you more value for money
• Effective paid ads
• Cover various demographics
• Always be trending!

Basic Mantra is dedicated to provide you with an all-round paid marketing promotion to generate more business for your company. We provide different types of solutions including Pay Per Click (PPC). In this mode of internet marketing, the advertiser - your business - pays a fee every time their ad is clicked to bring traffic to their site. That sounds pretty neat and simple, doesn't it? Put an ad up, pay every time a potential customer clicks on the ad and visit your site. Well, you will be surprised at how much research goes behind making an effective PPC to ensure that you don't just invite clicks to your site but actual buyers who will optimize your profit.

With the vast experience in the wide digital marketing arena, Basic Mantra has a team of experts who have devised a Six Step PPC, that is surely to bring you profit at the nominal cost of PPC. We cover all the important aspects of this nifty mode of internet marketing so you can make the most the World Wide Web.

On a PPC campaign, a potential buyer initiates a search on a search engine. If the subject of the buyer's search is relevant to your business, the link to your website is displayed at the top of the result page. Our Six Step PPC campaign makes sure that these clicks are converted into actual transactions where the visitor actually buys your product or services.

Our 6 Steps Process to Give you Results

Logo designs happen to be the first and foremost strategic decisions that are taken by any business unit. It basically involves the initial assortment and successive revisions of their logo. At Basic Mantra, we can very well help you with developing your desired logo that actually "works" by satisfying your media, suppliers, customers and investors.

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