Covid lockdown: A Guide to boost your business after lockdown

Covid-19, a mysterious virus has taken a toll on many lives but is also a major cause of the economic breakdown.  Many people’s livelihood was a small traditional business, which is being shut due to the covid lockdown. Even if the lockdown is completely lifted, there is still a potential threat to the lives of people. Thanks to technology, there are several ways to boost your business or a business can operate their business hassle-free.

Create Digital Communication channels

Can you work while staying at home? Yes, you can work remotely without being in contact with people. There are many software available through which you can assign the task to the team. Through these tools, you can manage people, reporting, and billing.

Some of the tools available are Scoro, Proofhub, Basecamp, and many more. You do not need to make calls or mail frequently. You can use this tool with ease. It helps to assign the task with ease, manages the calendar and meeting schedule and you can track the time and performance.

Are you bothered about training sessions and hiring? Don’t worry, in this technology world there is a solution to every problem. Many of us are using “Zoom” through which you can conduct video conferencing and file sharing, without burning your pocket.

Move Offline Business to Online Business 

Covid lockdown: A Guide to boost your business after lockdown

Are you running a traditional business? This is the right time to shift your platform from offline to online. Many think of it as a risky affair, but it has several advantages. Even at the time of the disaster, your business will not suffer a major loss.

Plan to open an e commerce store. Categorize it and place your entire product over there. Several digital marketing agencies can assist you in this task. Believe me, it is not a big deal. The majority of people are shifting their preferences from offline to online shopping. It is a bliss for the seller, opens for the new customer as well, and targeting the niche market becomes easy.

Another way to boost your profit or increase business sales is to engage your audience on different social media platforms. Billions of people are using different platforms, it helps you to make your product viral and also enhances the lead generation, and increases traffic to your store. Engage with people, listen to them, build a positive relationship and see the difference.

How to Generate Sales or boost your business

How to Generate Sales or boost your business

How do you advertise your offline business? By using different advertising options like pamphlets, business cards, and networking events. Similarly, to run an online business or e business you can use different modes to boost sales or boost your profits. Facebook Ads: We all use social media and search engines. Millions of prospective customers are waiting for your product on the internet, just a fact that how you can approach them, Facebook is one of the core channels to reach your prospect buyer. Facebook is the ideal platform where you can post ads to pitch your product. All you need is attractive content, the more the content is attractive, the more people love to share and go for it. Your ad builds trust and you can analyze the data with metrics like best-performing posts, weekly reach, likes, and post engagement. You can meet the requirement of the quality target audience; it enables you to look for potential buyers rather than just random visitors.

Google Ads: Thousands of people use search engines every hour, the best way to grow your business. Pay per click will improve the visibility of your product and also helps rank higher in the Google search. This is a transparent platform, which gives you long-term success. All you require is a proper keyword, well-written content, and a backlink. It helps you to increase brand awareness, as these ads appear on the promotion tabs as well as on the social tab too. So, don’t miss going for it.

Email Marketing and Messaging – Many small businesses have time and budget constraints; this is the best option to consider to reach your potential customer. This is the best way to get started to drive revenue. According to a survey, e mail marketing helps a lot to boost sales, many people are impressed by enticing mail. This is one of the fastest ways to tell your customer about your brand.

Sales – The sales team will help to build a healthy relationship with the customer. They help to provide the proper guidance and to solve their queries in a professional way. It is the mandate part of the business from meeting to perspective lead generation.

Digital Payment and Accounting System

No need to worry about the accounting and payment part. There is software available that helps you to maintain your account digitally.  There are many payment gateways like Razorpay, CCAvenue, Instamojo, and Pay Simple which are secure for both buyers and sellers. Even if the buyer is unable to get the product, they can claim and get their money back and so is the case with the seller also. Don’t wait, look for an alternate source to generate income for now and future. Utilize your free time to boost your business after lockdown. Plan the strategy, strengthen your brand. No matter the size of your business, introducing a newer process can impact the business and help you withstand the competitors. Try and enjoy peace of mind.